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Use a Facebook Messenger newsletter to accelerate your growth while increasing your retention & activation rates.

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Create a new marketing channel in minutes

Setting up your Botletter is as easy. Just two steps.
Choose a Facebook Page to host your Botletter, configure the greeting message and you’re done.
Botletter works with any Facebook Page not currently hosting a chatbot.

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Connect with your users right into Messenger

We help you grow your Botletter subscribers on your website with a plugin that handles subscribers. People who signed up to your Botletter don't even have to like your Facebook page or use the Messenger app to receive your newsletters.

People who follow your page won’t receive any newsletters unless they subscribe in the Messenger chat.

Your Botletter does not interfere with your user conversations, so you can still message them like you usually do.

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Increase Your Retention Rate by Sending Subscribers Personal Updates

Create your Botletter in seconds without any coding. You can add up to 10 cards for each newsletter and Botletter takes care of sending it to your subscribers.

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