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Send newsletters on Facebook Messenger

A simple solution for outreach on Facebook Messenger. Send updates and drip campaigns to your audience.

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No more low open rates, 80% of your messages get read

We are Mailchimp for Messenger, except that only 20% of emails newsletters get opened, Botletter has an average open-rate of 80%.

The click-through-rate is 4 to 10 times higher.

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Create a new marketing channel in minutes without hassle

Setting up your Botletter is as easy. Just two steps. Choose a Facebook Page to host your Botletter, configure the greeting message and you’re done.

Botletter works with any Facebook Page you administrate.

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Automate your marketing on Messenger with drip campaigns

Configure an automated sequence of messages to be sent to any new subscriber. Increase your retention and activation rates.

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Even more great features

Here is what makes Botletter supercharge your communication efforts on Messenger without hassle.

Flexible Template

Botletter offers a variety of format for your newsletter. It can be a simple text message or you can add buttons and rich cards.


You can send your campaign right away or schedule it whenever you want.


Before sending your campaign, you can filter your subscribers list by gender, timezone, localisation, date of subscription and segment.


Create segments and automatically subscribe people to it thanks to a special link we provide.


We provide detailed analytics for each campaign. You will know the open-rate, click-through-rate, absolute number of opens and clicks. You also have the detail per subscriber.

Multiple Pages Management

You can manage an unlimited number of pages with one single Botletter account.

Invite Team Members

Invite your team members to manage your Botletter account.

Name Variables

You can use name variables in your messages to personalize your campaign and drive more engagement.

How it works?

Sign up with your Facebook Account

Connect Botletter to the Page you want to use

Share your Botletter link to allow your audience to subscribe to your list

Send messages whenever your want to your subscribers