Rytr Vs Nichesss

Is there anything more frustrating than writers’ block?
Especially for a copywriter, marketer or business owner, it’s as much as a costly endeavour as it is a frustrating one. 

AI copywriters have been developed to assist you in combating writer’s block and give you the helping hand you need to start creating high-quality copy that converts. 

One of those AI copywriters is Rytr, Rytr is a smart writing assistant dedicated to helping you boost productivity and creativity. 

Simply choose from Rytr’s growing collection of AI tools, describe your topic and you’re good to go. 

Nichesss is another popular AI tool designed to service copywriters and entrepreneurs alike by creating marketing content in just a few seconds. 

Much like Rytr, you only need to choose the task you need help with and Nichesss will do the heavy lifting for you. 

But which is best for your businesses? Let’s find out. 


Both Rytr and Nichesss offer an array of useful tools to choose from. The following are the types of content currently supported by Rytr. 

  • Blog article and idea outline 
  • Blog article intro and content 
  • Business pitch idea 
  • Email 
  • Facebook, Google, Linkedin Ads
  • Interview questions 
  • Job descriptions 
  • Landing page & Website copy. 
  • Post and caption ideas 
  • Product description 
  • Profile Bio 
  • SEO meta description 
  • SEO meta title 
  • Tagline and headlines 
  • Testimonial and review 
  • Video descriptions 

In addition to the above, Rytr also offers text editing services including expand content, paragraph content, reword content, shorten content and append content. 

With Nichesss, You can also do the following. 

  • Generate unique blog posts, social media posts, ad copy and more. 
  • Write blog posts and blog outlines in seconds. 
  • Write emails. 
  • Get YouTube video ideas for your niche. 
  • Generate proven sales copy in 10 seconds. 
  • Translate into hundreds of languages 
  • Take a 10-second quiz and get business ideas 
  • Find profitable and hot niches 

Both platforms offer similar capabilities and functions, much like other AI copywriting tools. 

With that said, Nichesss does offer a unique quiz tool to help you get ideas in starting or developing your business however it may not be that much of a bonus if you were only looking to make use of its copywriting functions. 

It all boils down to the quality of the copies that the AI will produce, as well as the price for a subscription to your chosen platform. 

Ease Of Use 

While both platforms offer a simple user interface, Rytr is probably the simplest. 

If you’re familiar with using any AI copywriter, then you know most platforms will ask you to select a bunch of things in one window before moving on to the next, With Rytr, everything is done in one single window with all of your tools in a simple, single drop-down menu eliminating the need for scrolling or clicking links. 

It’s like using a simple email application on your phone.
The workspace looks very professional and all of your previous copies are easy to find. 

In addition, Rytr’s platform is optimized for mobile use, making it even more convenient for you to create quick captions even when you’re on the go. 

* Image 

On the other hand, Nichesss has a more fun, informal look to its platform – even making use of emojis and stickers!
While this type of interface may not be for everyone, the platform is easy to get to grips with once you explore and try it for yourself. 


Although Nichesss is also a straight-forward option, Rytr is clearly the winner in terms of ease of use. 

Sample Output 

To help you assess the quality of each platform’s copy, let’s quickly go over how to create some content using Rytr and Nichesss. 

Creating content with Rytr is amazingly fast, simply click on Create a New Document, select the language, tone, type of content and the number of variants you would like Rytr to generate for you. 

Rytr acknowledges the need for flexibility in copywriting by allowing you to choose how your content sounds in 20 different tones, many more than offered by competing platforms.l 

Aside from the standard professional and funny tones, you can choose to create content that is assertive, thoughtful, worried etc. 

This allows you to tailor-make content for virtually any purpose. 

You will also be asked to provide some key points and keywords to give Rytr an idea of what you want your copy to be about. 

For this trial, let’s say that we are about to write an email reminding our subscribers of an upcoming sale. 

Here’s an email template that Rytr was able to generate. 


As shown in the sample, you’ll be able to see all of the options on the left-hand side of your screen. 

After a few seconds, your results will appear on the other side where editing tools are conveniently located. 

The thoughtful tone is evident in the email and although it does require a human touch, Rytr was able to come up with a quality result almost instantly assisted only by a few key points I’ve entered. 

Quality input results in quality output. 

To begin writing with Nichesss, you’ll first have to select the tool you wish to use on your dashboard. 

One big difference of Nichesss from Rytr is that with Nichesss, you have the option of generating copy for different purposes in one click of a button. 

Let’s say that we want to come up with ads optimized for different social media platforms. 

You’ll only be asked to fill out a form, click on generate and then choose your favorites from results. 

What’s good about this is that you can create ads of the same tone, style or idea optimized for different social media platforms simultaneously. 


Here’s some of the Facebook ad results that we generated with Nichesss 


These are Google Ads generated with the results above. 


Unlike Rytr, Nichesss automatically displays as many results as it can but if you still can’t find one that meets your requirements, you just need to click on the add more button found below every set of ads to generate even more options. 

You can also edit, translate and run a plagiarism check on your copies with just a single click by using the gear icon. 

With regards to the quality of the copies, Nichesss does a pretty good job as well, some results are more generic than others, but this can be fixed by describing your product or business more comprehensively. 


A fairly unique feature of Rytr is that it encompasses a free plan which allows you to access all of the same tools and use cases (as well as other services) that paid subscribers can. 

The only difference is that the Rytr free plan is limited to only 5,000 characters per month. 

This may be good enough for the occasional social media ads, but for content such as email, the characters probably won’t be sufficient. 

If you wish to have unlimited characters, their premium plan is $29 per month. 


Nichesss on the other hand offers their pro plan for $19 per month, which is one of the cheapest plans available on the market. With this plan, you’re granted unlimited access to all of the tools and features Nichesss has to offer. 


Both Rytr and Nichesss are fairly generous when it comes to their paid plans as they have no limits on the number of copies you can create and the tools you can choose to use to do so. 

A monthly subscription to Nichesss may be more affordable however, Rytr’s simple, professional interface and high-quality output may make up for the $10 difference. 


Overall, both AI copywriting services are guaranteed to make your life easier however with Rytr you need less time and effort to come up with marketing-worthy copy. 

Considering the quality of the content the AI generates and the premium feel of using its platform, I can say with confidence that Rytr offers superior value for money.

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