Jarvis Vs Copy.AI

Today we will be comparing, contrasting two powerful AI copywriting platforms – Jarvis and Copy.AI in order to help you determine which one best suits your needs as a digital marketer or online content creator.

Utilising the most powerful AI copywriting tool is quickly becoming a must in today’s fast-paced and competitive digital world.

But it can be hard to know where to begin, which AI software is best to use?

AI is here, not to diminish human creativity but to support and unleash it.

How much more could you get done if you had a writing partner able to reliably create content, write engaging marketing campaigns, google ads, social media captions and even long-form content like blog posts? ALL while using the same tone of voice that you, or your brand uses?
What if I told you this partner could also tap into machine learning to do their research for blog posts on complex topics?

If you’re a writer, a content creator, a business owner or marketer there is no doubt that AI can help you unleash your creativity, ramp up productivity, have a positive impact on your net worth and help you reach your content creation objectives – all while making your life easier!

Whether you’re new to the world of AI copywriting for long or short-form content or have already been relying on the incredible power that AI writing assistants offer, this article will help you easily assess whether or not you’re on the right track for your business. We want you to have the AI tool that is going to deliver the best performance for you and your business.

How using the right AI copywriting tools could maximise your creativity, productivity and revenue

If you want to generate viral ideas and revolutionary products at an impressive rate and scale, you need to be harnessing the powers of AI.

Using the right tools you can write unlimited words, translate existing content into other languages, which will allow you to reach new audiences who otherwise would be unable to enjoy your content.

AI helps you share your ideas and products in the marketplace so much faster, with an AI writer in your arsenal you could even outwork much bigger businesses and dominate in your niche.

While writing AI software is not yet quite on par with a human writer, it is getting there fast – increasing daily in sophistication and versatility.

Now is the time to become an early adapter of AI technology if you want to see your influence and popularity skyrocket in the upcoming months and years.

Don’t get left behind as the new advances in technology catapults content creators, small business owners and maverick marketers into the future.

Learning how to work with artificial intelligence is guaranteed to unlock your creativity and productivity and to beef up your bottom line. 

Just imagine all the time and resources writing tools could potentially free up – time you would otherwise be spending on content creation, writing product descriptions or social media ads.

If all the time you’re currently spending on these things was given back to you on a daily, weekly, monthly basis how much more could you achieve?

When you no longer have to expend creative energy on Instagram captions, marketing copy for LinkedIn ads or e-commerce sites, wouldn’t it eliminate writer’s block while setting you free to be creative?

How AI copywriting works

Artificial intelligence has been in development for a number of years.
AI has made quantum leaps in the last couple of years in terms of software entering the market, software that is accessible and sophisticated enough to gain the attention of business owners, creators and content marketers – just like you.

AI uses deep learning (which is essentially machine learning) to process huge quantities of data and existing content; this enables the AI writer to produce content that is both new and original while adhering to the conventions of the genre.

AI tools aren’t yet advanced enough to totally forgo human intervention, with light editing usually proving necessary to ensure that the content is cohesive and makes the correct impact.

Nevertheless, editing will take you much less time and effort than researching, contemplating, writing and then editing for both long and short form content.

AI isn’t perfect but it certainly allows you to cut corners and beat writer’s block all at once.

In coming years, AI is going to continue to improve and become more sophisticated; using an AI powered tool to write copy is also going to become much more typical.

If you’re one of the millions of people who missed out on being a first adapter when the internet happened, then again with the social media revolution, you’re still in the race to become an early adapter of AI.

Getting into AI early offers significant advantages, not only are the AI writing assistants already very sophisticated but if you get to grips with them before other companies do, you’ll understand and benefit from the AI tools before your competitors.

This is in addition to the fact that, if used correctly, AI writing tools will write with your writing style and brilliantly streamline the content creation process for your business.

What can you use the AI copywriting tool for?

An AI copywriting platform can be put to any writing related task you can think of, only your imagination limits what you might be able to accomplish with a powerful AI by your side.

With that said, current AI tools do better at some forms of writing over others;

let’s take a look at some of the most relevant and useful things your new AI writing assistant can help you with.

Social media posts

AI writing works effectively with both short and long form content, ranging from social media captions to blog posts.

Social media captions fall firmly in the short form category but writing relevant content for something as seemingly minor as a Facebook or Instagram post can still be a significant energy and time drain, particularly if you have a new business that you’re trying to get started, requiring you to post multiple times per day on social media.

AI can streamline this process by writing the captions for you and can even be taught to write it in your writing style!

Blog content

If you really want to really evaluate your AI writing assistants skills you should put it to work on a blog post.

Some forms of copywriting are more complex than others, blog post writing is one of them.
Since they are usually longer, the writers tone really comes through in contrast to sales copy or a social media caption.

You may think you could spot a blog post written by an AI among the many that are written by people – but would you really?

You’ve probably already read countless blogs and articles written by artificial intelligence instead of flesh-and-blood writers.

Think about it for a moment… if you can’t differentiate between a blog post generated between human or artificial intelligence, does it really matter?

As long as the blog post has the information you need and put this information across in a readable and engaging tone of voice, you likely wouldn’t notice or care.

The most sophisticated software on the market including Copy.AI and Jarvis empower you to quickly and reliably generate enormous amounts of articles on the topics you want.

So, if you’ve been waiting to start a website on a topic or niche that you love, but you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of time you’d need to dedicate… well, you’re officially out of excuses!

Sales and digital ad copy

AI writing is a brilliant thing to have in your tool box when it comes to writing sales copy,

some forms of writing are undeniably more dry and boring than others – we can probably all agree that sales copy is one of them.

Imagine the relief of handing a boring task – one you may have procrastinated on or done a poor job of because you find it so boring – over to your eager assistant.

The AI writing assistant, thankfully, doesn’t care about the topic of type of writing you’re asking it to complete. An AI writer will tear into digital ad copy and other forms of sales copy with exactly the same level of enthusiasm as if you’d asked it to write an erotic novella.

Thank the digital gods for the advent of AI.

Website copy

Website text is another area where your AI sidekick is going to prove incredibly useful.

Unsure of how to phrase your T&C page and don’t want to spend time going through your competitors T&C’s for inspiration?

Leave it for your AI writing assistant to figure out – the AI software knows how to phrase things and put them across in clear, concise and impactful industry standard lingo.

You can always go over and edit whatever your AI software produced in order to ensure it complies with what you had in mind and needed to get across.

Landing pages

Your AI writing assistant is a boss when it comes to formulating landing pages – odds are, your AI knows much more about making these pages than you do.

This feature is particularly useful if you’re not experienced in creating pages designed to capture leads or sales, now your AI tool is both a writer and a marketing expert in your niche.

Product descriptions

AI is great at writing product descriptions that can capture the essence and utility of your products.

Sometimes, it is difficult to be objective about your own product or service – but the AI isn’t.
Artificial intelligence can be trusted to cut through the unnecessary clutter and get the point of what you are offering or selling across to prospective customers.

Let the AI do the selling by writing the most enticing descriptions of your products.

Email marketing

Email marketing can be a real chore, especially over time.

Luckily, AI platforms are adept at handling this, too.

Let AI write engaging emails in your unique tone of voice or in a tone that best suits your business.

Jarvis AI copywriting tool

Now it’s time for us to compare Jarvis AI and Copy AI,

we’ll start with Jarvis and evaluate the pros and cons before moving onto Copy AI.

Jarvis is a powerful AI tool, useful for creative writers, content creators and entrepreneurs alike.

Jarvis’ real power lies in its ability to produce SEO-rich blog posts that can attract organic traffic to your blog or page as well as writing long form content that both engages and converts well.

If you’re a marketer or new business owner, Jarvis can prove invaluable with it’s ability to write content for ads, social media and video content (as well as much more!)

Jarvis is also suitable for agencies that wish to deliver high-quality marketing content to their clients in records time.

Now that you’ve been given a brief introduction to Jarvis, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using Jarvis.

Jarvis AI pros

The clearest benefit to using Jarvis is its ability to save you countless hours writing content.

Also, Jarvis can blow writer’s block right out of the water while saving you all of that time and effort.

The amount of content that Jarvis can create in a week would take you about a year to write organically.

Not only can Jarvis produce content fast, it also produces 99.99% original and unique copy meaning you’ll never have to worry about plagiarism.

Jarvis AI also offers excellent customer support enabling you to be fully supported in your writing journey. If you have any query or feel stuck, the customer service team is there to help!

Jarvis even has an academy where newbie writers can be shown the basics.

Here, you can even learn about SEO strategy and social media marketing.

Another significant pro of Jarvis is its pricing – at just $29.99 (with a 20,000 word limit) it is certainly affordable for most.

Even if you’re a small startup, Jarvis is probably within your budget.

In fact, the real question might be, can you afford not to use Jarvis?

Jarvis AI cons

Now that we’ve explored the many benefits that Jarvis can offer you, let’s take a look at the cons – there are a few, however they may prove impactful.

First of all, Jarvis does occasionally glitch, so it is possible for Jarvis to produce large amounts of irrelevant and nonsensical content.

These glitches will no doubt be fixed eventually but for now they do present somewhat of a necessary challenge for Jarvis users.

In general, the writing produced by Jarvis AI will require some human editing as it isn’t perfect on its own and may sound strange in parts.

How to make Jarvis AI work for you

It is imperative that you learn to work with Jarvis if you want to benefit from it,

thankfully, getting to grips with Jarvis AI is a matter of trial and error and is relatively simple.

Once you’ve signed into Jarvis, the first step is choosing your skill.

You will be prompted to make a selection of the different platforms you’ll predominantly be generating content for.

This could be Instagram captions or the content improver tool which allows you to input a piece of writing and get Jarvis’ assistance to improve the quality.

Step two is describing,

here you’ll be telling Jarvis what business, niche or industry you’re in and you’ll also be writing a short description of your business or brand.

The purpose of this is to give Jarvis an introduction to your brand identity.

Step three is where things really kick off! This step is all about integration – its the AI equivalent of test driving a Ferrari.

Here, you can start typing into the field and let Jarvis complete your sentences.

It’s up to you to let Jarvis know whether you’re writing a short, medium or long form piece of content.
You set the pace and let Jarvis do the heavy lifting.


CopyAI promises to deliver excellent quality copy faster, better and more reliably than all of its competitors.

A little backstory: CopyAI has been making waves in the AI industry by attracting over 100,000 sign ups.
Just four investors pitched in a whopping $2.9 million dollars and CopyAI’s monthly revnue has skyrocketed by 46% since the beginning of the year.

All of these numbers serve to represent one thing: CopyAI is a force to be reckoned with in the AI market.

Much like JarvisAI, CopyAI promises to deliver fresh, well-written content at teeth-chattering speed and volume.

With CopyAI in your arsenal of writing tools, writers block will be a bad memory.

CopyAI keeps your writing fresh and impactful, avoiding the fatigue that sets in when a human writer has been typing thousands upon thousands of words without a break.

CopyAI is also one of the most powerful brainstorming tools you could hope to add to your toolkit – it allows you to play around with various ideas and languages in a matter of seconds.

This isn’t surprising, considering that CopyAI was built with the world’s most advanced AI language model.

All in all CopyAI is likely to absolutely blow your mind, but before you decide to take the plunge and sign up to CopyAI, let us first walk you through some in depth information. We’ll investigate the pros, cons and key features.

CopyAI pros

One of the considerable upsides to using CopyAI is how highly customizable it is.

Its highly intuitive user interface and advanced GPT-3 language model allows you to tailor-make the content you need for almost any platform and purporse.

Although there is a learning curve, finding your way around CopyAI and getting to grips with its creative processes is as smooth and straightforward as you’d expect from any new, sophisticated software.

Like Jarvis, CopyAI has a community of copywriters you can join for help, support and learning tips.

CopyAI also offers live training where you’re able to ask any questions and get individual assistance.

CopyAI is a very automatic, intuitive tool making it super easy and enjoyable to generate growth ideas and explore a multitude of creative possibilities.

Plenty of market leading companies and professionals use CopyAI, they offer many videos and testimonials from real users – copyAI is loved and used by many for its quality writing.

When you sign up, you just know you’ll be in good company.

CopyAI offers a number of tailored monthly plans so you can find one that best suits both your business needs and your budget.

CopyAI currently offers a 7 day free trial which will allow you to see exactly how much benefit it offers you before you commit to a paid subscription.

CopyAI Cons

Similar to Jarvis AI, CopyAI has occasional glitches that can lead to the production of irrelevant or nonsensical copy.

You can only control and limit these glitches to an extent by being as clear as you possibly can in your description of what you want the AI to write for you.

CopyAI also has a higher starting price than Jarvis with monthly plans starting from $35.

How to make Copy AI work for you

Don’t work hard on your writing – make copy AI work hard for you!

This is a guide on how to achieve that; the process of using CopyAI to generate vast amounts of writing is very similar to using Jarvis.

Whenever you start a new project in CopyAI you will first have to decide what tone of voice you want the piece of content to be in – there are different options to choose from, including friendly and luxury.

You’ll also need to choose what type of content you’re creating for example an Instagram caption or a blog post.

You can even outline the content you want the AI to write by turning a list of bullet points into an article! That’s pretty awesome.

You need to make sure that you’ve described your idea well enough to be crystal clear before asking CopyAI to generate the result.

If your description is unclear, chances are CopyAI will churn out something that doesn’t meet what you had in mind, or could even be incoherent.

When you hit the create button, CopyAI generates the text in a matter of seconds.

Even the fastest typist couldn’t beat that!

Now, all that’s left for you to do is tidy up the draft and fine tune it to your requirements.

As with Jarvis AI, the text you generate with CopyAI will need to be edited and checked by a human to ensure everything is coherent and expressed correctly.

FAQ’s – Writing With AI

Even after taking a detailed look at the pros and cons of Jarvis and Copy AI, you might have some questions.

Hopefully you’ll find them answered below before we get onto the final comparison and verdict.

Is Jarvis AI worth it?

JarvisAI is an incredibly powerful yet affordable writing tool and once you get used to it, it’s very easy to use.
What’s more, Jarvis is currently offering a 10,000 word free trial so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up.

What is the best AI Copywriter?

The best AI tool for you depends on your precise criteria for it to fulfil; there are a few things you should consider before choosing your AI assistant.

Here are a few questions that that can help lead you to the correct answer.

What will you be using the AI copywriter for?

Is it for social media, blog posts or something else? How often will I be using it? How many words will I need to generate on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis?

And last but not least… what can I afford?

Does artificial intelligence plagiarise?

AI writing is close to 100% original – nothing is plagiarised.

AI writing assistants write original copy fast by using their existing knowledge, gathered through deep learning of existing texts in the same niche/genre that you’re writing in.

Having scanned millions of existing newsletters, social media captions and children’s books allows the AI to quickly generate content at lightening speed.
The AI is like an artist who has learned its craft by studying the great works of masters allowing it to mimic their styles without stealing or plagiarising.

Does Jarvis use GPT3?

Both Jarvis and CopyAI use OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI model to generate vast amounts of high-quality writing at surprising speed.

GPT-3 is the most advanced AI technology available today and it allows both Jarvis and CopyAI to tap into more learning, skill and information than any single human copywriter is in possession of.

Final Verdict

So what’s the verdict? Which AI copywriting platform wins this round?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to AI copywriting platforms; more likely there is one that better fits your business needs, budget and other preferences.

CopyAI could be considered the industry heavyweight but Jarvis is certainly a worthy competitor, offering higher levels of accessibility in addition to a high degree of competence.

If you only aim to write social media captions and short form content then Jarvis is probably your best bet.
Jarvis is also a great jumping-off point if you’re brand new to the world of AI and want to get your feet wet.

On the other hand if you’re a writing or marketing professional or a small company supplying multiple clients with content, CopyAI is probably the way to go.

Of course, there is no need to make the final decision without trialling either tool.

Both AI platforms are currently offering a free trial, so why not see which is better for you first hand?

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