ClosersCopy Review

Have you been targeted a Facebook ad about this innovative new copywriting software recently? I have, too.

So I decided to try it out and produce this ClosersCopy review; I mean, with this 30-day money back guarantee, who could refuse?

I had many pre-conceptions, almost wanting to be disappointed so I could continue on in my belief that the human mind is superior to technology in every way.

But I wasn’t disappointed, my own mind has been opened up to the power that this software embodies; software that can lead to a more profitable – and persuasive – future for all of us.

I was just like you; tempted by the promise of a real change and innovative product yet nervous about trusting unproven new software that I’d never heard of before.

While most copywriting software is little more than a formulaic form, ClosersCopy is a full text editing programme bearing a resemblance to Google docs that comprises of proven pre-made templates, sales copywriting and AI based spam analysis (reducing the chance that your email will end up in someone’s spam box).

ClosersCopy uses cutting edge technology to analyse tone and emotion so that you can guarantee that your writing will illicit the correct emotional response from your target audience.

If you are unsure about trying a new product that promises to give you a near unfair advantage over the competition then don’t delay!

Personally I find myself to be a reasonably effective copywriter but the monotony of writing email after email in addition to the intimidation of a blank page and the threat of writers block creates a unique set of obstacles that even the best copywriters can struggle with.

Using ClosersCopy, the need to do the bulk of the heavy lifting is removed; it simply requires some finishing touches and editing to create quality work.

In depth review of ClosersCopy.

Today I am going to walk you through the many features this copywriter offers and help you learn how these features can take your online business to the next level.

Overall, it is a very compelling tool and this review will certainly help you to make your purchasing decision; I believe many of you could find a great use for this tool.

Now let’s jump right into this.

Members area

When you first sign up for ClosersCopy you’re going to land in the dashboard area; it’ll be totally blank here aside from the welcome to ClosersCopy project.

You’re going to be able to access a new project by clicking this button and it’s going to pop up in your project files.

Under the projects, you can create different files and write content with total freedom to create as many projects as needed.

Just like on a computer you create a folder for a specified purpose and manage the files there. It really is that simple.

Moreover you can add comments to projects and files to increase your productivity and organization.

Dark mode

ClosersCopy has this underrated feature ”dark mode”; whether you just prefer the darker look, are working in low-light conditions or just seeking to reduce eye strain it can be a very convenient tool.

In the top right of ClosersCopy there is an icon that allows you to select dark mode, you can switch back to the default mode at any time from the project screen or it can be done while writing a piece of content in a document.

Content research using compete

This feature is a new addition, it can be used if you’d prefer to do topic research within the app to make things a little easier for yourself.

Let’s say for example that we want to do some research on ”dog food”, we’ll just input it into the compete tool and hit enter, the result will be generated in mere minutes!

We even have links to different related articles with the most recent towards the top so we can use them as sample content about the specified content.

You can go through these pages, select the ones that are suitable for your article then copy them through ClosersCopy directly into the document.

You can analyze the competitors easily because it shows all of the relevant details such as the paragraphs, word count and keyword density; you can also refine your search by selecting a language filter… But it doesn’t end there…

We have four different options ”Overview, Insights, Questions and Stats”

If you are writing an information piece that requires any stats such as number of app downloads, population, etc then the stats feature is a game changer.

I hope they will add the ”average number of words required to rank” for a particular term within compete in the near future.

Create an AI draft with compose.

Compose is under beta mode and allows you to start a draft using AI to generate your outlines, headings and even perform keyword research for you.

Now let’s test it out – is it useful or not?

I entered the phrase ”pest control companies” in and hit the compose button.

Here you can see it’s displaying a list of h1s, if I click expand there are subheadings offered as well; so you get the idea of how this function works.. but one notable drawback here is that I’m unable to add my own custom heading in the outline, there should be an option to add a custom outline so that it can be included in addition to the AI suggestions.

After selecting compose it generated 700 words of content; this took quite a bit of time as well (almost five minutes) I don’t find this feature useful or valuable because there are several key improvements that are needed.

Instead of using compose you should do all of the necessary research related to your topic and only then try to apply it to ClosersCopy.

Write articles with Longform Editor

I have tried longform for my articles and can confidently say it is amazing. Just like other AI writing tools you just describe your content in brief, provide a title in the document and click write; however with ClosersCopy you have 3 different options to choose from; Creativity, Output and Context.

You don’t have to change this too much but if you notice that it is generating nonsensical content or fantasy based writing then try decreasing the creativity somewhat; otherwise no need.

Here’s an example, I want to write about affiliate marketing books, let’s have a look at the content quality in the image below.

The output quality isn’t great, now I’m going to provide the AI with some guidance by adding a sentence.

Now it’s much better than before requiring only some small edits to turn it into a nice kick-off for this article.

Always guide the AI as much a possible, steering it where you want it to go will prevent it from generating gibberish content for you.

Wide range of frameworks

ClosersCopy has a wide range of frameworks that can be used to produce copies for various purposes, following are some of the frameworks available to you:

  • BAD
  • AIDA
  • PAS
  • Google Ads
  • Titles
  • Outline
  • Q + A
  • Conclusion
  • Call to Action
  • Lead-in
  • Subheadings
  • Introduction
  • Product review
  • Amazon

This isn’t an exhaustive list, there are additional frameworks that you can benefit from, moreover, you can actually create custom frameworks in order to train the AI to write the type of stuff that you want it to.

Even if a framework for what you require already exists in ClosersCopy creating your own framework is still a good idea because that’s going to help the AI adopt your writing style.

20+ Supported languages

When it comes to writing in a language other than English, Closers Copy provides support for more than 20 languages.

  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Czech
  • Estonian
  • French
  • German
  • Finnish
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Latvian
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Polish

You can select your desired language output with respect to the country of your audience, though out of the above 20 languages I was only able to test French and Italian.


The ClosersCopy wizard allows you to select your purpose and then choose from a variety of templates for each step required in order to close a potential customer.

It is very useful for people who write sales letters, offers and emails; essentially its a fully functional template based wizard that assists you in creating content according to your potential buyers journey.

Writing sales letters, email scripts, Ads and calls has never been easy but with ClosersCopy you can craft all of these and convert your target audience into paying customers.

My personal testing

In my testing I was trialling ClosersCopy’s use for helping my SEO agency which presented some interesting combinations with templates designed for fat loss…

But most of these templates use very widely applicable formulae.

What is your audience struggling with? What can be done to help them and why should they trust you?

It seems obvious upon reflection but just how many emails have you sent that just felt meandering and missed out on a crucial part such as trust, a call to action or really understanding your customers problem before you barge in with your solution? You can do better now.

Largely built on what resembles Google Docs, ClosersCopy offers various ways for you to create email funnels, sales letters and more with powerful sales copy.

The founder Nico Engler even gives you hints in the side column as you advance through each step.

This is more than just a swipe copy and Nico delves deep!

Just look at his advice here. It’s not about the word choices, rather, it’s about the whole process of using a virtual assistant to gather intelligence about your prospects for you to pitch them better.

Each of the templates offers specific copy depending on what you’re looking for, as an example, if you click ad, you can choose to select the template called Product Information; after selecting your choice this will then come out on your document.

Next, all you need to do is adjust the highlighted text to suit your needs; each highlighted text puts focus on the text that you need to pay attention to.

Once you’ve edited the template to your desired effect, you can also use other tools that this funnel scripts alternative offers such as headline generator, power words and sensory words.

Each tool can offer you ideas for how to write your script depending on your precise marketing goal.

The headline generator asks you for the audience, problem, desired outcome and solution, once you’ve filled out the form it will generate what you need and assist you in building your funnel.

Like any pre-made format you will always need to carry out some tweaking in order to perfect your content.

However, this feels much more intuitive with Closers Copy versus comparable software, partly because you can choose from a wide variety of templates – hence choosing one that already makes sense – then editing as a final polish.

Nico comments on a lot of these templates so there is also additional coaching thrown in as to why you should structure a script in a particular way.

This is a great funnel scripts alternative for its simplicity and various features and there’s no training needed at all to get started.

The templates come in sequences so you can instantly craft a whole batch of emails to load up into your chosen autoresponder software.

AI powered spam analysis

ClosersCopy comes with an early-stage spam analysis that promises to evaluate your copy for triggers that might get your emails sent into your customers spam box.

Spam is a hazard of the email marketing industry and it’s never going to diminish completely but there are tools that can help you avoid this issue somewhat.

The spam analysis tool in closers copy is very simple to use, giving you a score in either ”red” or ”green” after evaluating your content.

As you’d expect, red means that your copy is at risk for triggering spam and green means the chance is low, so no further action is required.

It’s not effective for blog posts as the main purpose for this tool is to detect spam for emails because nowadays services such as Outlook, Google and others are refined enough to understand the deeper context of most emails.

Overall, this is a tool that aims to get more of your content directly to your potential customers instead of becoming a casualty of their spam box.


Libraries have various different functions with available options including synonyms, power words, backups and more.

You can find meaningful words without having to resort to google.

Another interesting thing here is templates that are created by other users, but you need to be given an access code to use them.

Tutorials and Lessons.

There are short tutorials available that will enable you to learn more about the software; while this is very helpful, if you become stuck and don’t know what to do it is worth considering joining the official Facebook group of ClosersCopy for more targeted assistance.

I have asked questions there myself and the community is extremely knowledgeable and cooperative.

Pros of ClosersCopy

  • You can advantage of the lifetime deal, with future updates being promised.
  • Useful for sales copy and email marketing.
  • Very affordable software.
  • SEO’s can perform content research within the tool.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cons of ClosersCopy

  • UI needs a lot of improvement; you may find it a bit complex.
  • It is slower than comparable AI copywriting tools.

ClosersCopy Pricing

Pricing is as follows,

  • Freelancer for $39.99
  • Professional for $49.99.


Copywriting is one of the most valuable skills, imagine what increasing your revenue by just 20% could achieve over your lifetime?

To quote Silicon Valley Guru Naval Ravikant ”Learn to sell, learn to build, if you can do both, you will be unstoppable.”

ClosersCopy offers a generous 30-day money back guarantee that eliminates your risk, as well as a monthly plan that means you can cancel anytime.

But frankly, I don’t think you will be disappointed; I’ve been chatting with Nico the founder via email with a few queries and he has always been responsive and helpful.

Also, there are a variety of ways you can save money on your ClosersCopy subscription with a generous discount for annual plans and a time limited lifetime offer that resembles the kind of one-off launch sales you see on AppSumo.

ClosersCopy is innovative and bold; there is nothing quite like it on the market right now and I believe over time it’s perfectly reasonable that the lifetime offer could disappear and the monthly price may increase. They are adding new templates all of the time – so its just going to get bigger an

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